Hm. Where to start.
Wrote to hello@ as well
This is the letter
Hello there
There are issues with Avalanche API import
I have been using Pangolin, and been and LP there, plus done Pangolin staking
What i experience is:
-The Koinly records both SEND/DEPOSIT and LIQUIDITY IN at some occasions
-That PGL at times is given a value and other times not
-Seems that leads to confusion in the FIFO calculations. Eg i got 16
AVAX that is incorrectly valued to about 40USD and exchanged to
1400USD causing a big gain and tax.
-PNG and AVAX sent to LP is at times calculated as sales (not as the
toggle in settings is set)
-PGL liquidity token is given a price at times and register loss when returned.
I got about 200 transactions an cant really figure out what is going on...
hope you have a quick fix up your sleeves :)