This is not a request for staking to be supported to the application (though that would be nice in the future so you can mark it as being sent to a pool).
I've raised this to track an oddity in the CRO blockchain where staking results in an auto-claiming of rewards that is not tracked in Koinly (and therefore you get a mismatch on the balance when syncing).
The API for CRO delegation includes a node under {}.result.messages[0].content.autoClaimedRewards which has the amount and denom properties (see an example transaction in the screenshot).
Right now I am syncing manually using a powershell to csv script that scans my account for any results with "MsgDelegate" as the type, and then pulls out the autoClaimedRewards node and saves to a csv for me to manually import. I could resolve this when Koinly shows the error but if there were several delegations I need to know the time in order to pay the correct taxes!
Obviously I don't know if you import from the API or whether you run a full node and query the blockchain directly but as you already record the fee from these transactions I don't imagine it would be too difficult to also pull the auto-claimed rewards.
Thanks for your time. 🙂
Created by Sam
November 4, 2021