Syncing the HBAR API and Koinly, My HBAR staking reward event "Reward" transaction appears and then a transaction tagged "Send" below or above it, this Send transaction is something to do with the cost to claim the reward, sometimes though these appear as Reward transaction and a "Deposit" transaction rather than as a Send, this Deposit transaction should be a cost transaction for the Reward transfer, if you look at the reward event TXN on Hashscan you can see the Reward amount going into your account and there is a cost amount for it associated with an account that is not your account, and that cost amount is shown broken down into 5 parts and 1 of those parts is your own account, In Koinly in the instances where the staking reward event appears as a Reward then a Send, that Send amount is high and it is the total amount which shows on Hashscan as the total of 5 parts going to various accounts, your account is included, but your account's amount is a small amount - and it is this amount which is shown when staking reward events appear in Koinly as a reward then a Deposit. Which amount is the correct "Cost" amount? the high one or the low one, and, can you update Koinly to resolve this issue so when syncing with the API Koinly inteprets/tags the fee correctly?