I've reported this before but nothing seems to have been done about fixing it or your just ignoring that its a problem.
There is a difference in how Binance supplies info depending if you download the dust transactions and import via a csv file or you use the Binance API.
The first screen shot is from the Binance web site and shows the convert transaction I did on the 18th December (0.0021 Luna is converted to 0.00028008 BNB and there is a fee of 0.0000056BNB).
The second screen shot is of the csv export from Binance (I'm not actually importing my transaction this way) This shows the 0.0021 Luna being converted to 0.00027448. The fee is not shown separately and is removed from the final BNB balance e.g. (0.00028008-0.0000056=0.00027448).
The third screen shot is the Binance API import in Koinly. the Binance API shows the 0.0021 LUNA being converted to 0.00028008 the issue being that Koinly has not implemented the API correctly and has missed out the 0.0000056 BNB fee.
The final screen shot is from the Binance API documentation website. The dust transaction info is obtained using the "GET /sapi/v1/asset/dribblet" command. From the screen shot below it reports back the BNB fee as "serviceChargeAmount"
Could you please get you developers to fix this issue as its probably not more than a few hours work and would save me a lot of hassle making Koinly report match the exchange balances. As I do a lot of trading I've had to manual add +80 cost transactions for all the fees associated to these transactions. This is quite annoying for something that could easily be fixed and is because Koinly developers have not implement this part of the Binance API correctly