Describe the problem:
A few hours ago, one could tag sends / withdrawals as “Realized P&L” in order to realize gains /losses on a futures trade, manually. Now, after the recent system update where one can now select new tags of margin / loan repayment; the Realized P&L tag has been removed from the dropdown list. One can still find the Realized P&L tag in the drop down list when editing for deposit type transactions. Also, I have ascreenshot of a withdrawal tagged as Realized P&L, to prove i was doing it before.
Would greatly appreciate it if you could fix this, this just completely halted my work flow…
I’d like my money back for the tax year affected, but to be allowed to keep the product. i took time off work to get my taxes done by the extension deadline. This is ridiculous.
Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
What have you tried to fix this so far?
Tried clearing cookies and cache, tried restarting browser, tried accessing koinly from another browser, from another PC, tried logging out and back into koinly
1st one provided shows Realized P&L tag on a send/withdrawal txn, before this bug started. second screenshot show that the tag list for send/withdrawals transactions is now missing the option to tag as Realized P&L