Harmony API is not pulling in staking data i.e collect rewards from users who stake with the metamask wallet. The API is storing this data in a different method.
When a transaction is sent to: one1qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq8uuuycsy
This is the staking precompile address. All the staking data is found within the 'input' variable.
you then need to decrypt that data e.g:
inputData = '0x510b11bb000000000000000000000000b517246eb8267d12a2568822c0ed97bfc7ec7bc400000000000000000000000038e3f62bd67509953e3b79a2ea1f03f46ae229c00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000056bc75e2d63100000'
methodSignature = input[ :10 ]
delegatorAddress = '0x' + inputData[ 34:74 ]
validatorAddress = '0x' + inputData[ 98:138 ]
amountWei = int( '0x' + inputData[ -32: ], 16 )
methodSignature then equal one of the following:
0x510b11bb = Delegate
0xbda8c0e9 = Undelegate (same fields as above)
0x6d6b2f77 = CollectRewards (which has just the
field from above; no others)
Once the CollectRewards has been identified you then need to get the transaction data for that tx to get the 'amount collected' . Using API: hmyv2_getTransactionReceipt. Amount is then found in ['logs'][0]['data'].
Please reach out if you need more information or enter the Harmony Discord