The last day Koinly see's the Income/Interest earned from Financial Account is DEC 21, 2021 even tho I'm still earning interest for the coins in the Financial Account till this day.
On DEC "22" 2021, Kucoin converted POOL-X to the Financial Account and they "internally" transferred/moved all the coins from Pool-X to the Financial Account and Koinly does NOT see these transactions and it has no txid but its visible in my Kucoin account.
Because of this transfer/move the balance for coins in Financial Account show as 0 and Koinly complains "Some of your calculated balances do not match the balances reported by the API" and the difference that is shown on Koinly is the exact amount transferred by Kucoin on Dec 22 2021 from Pool-X to the Financial Account.
I have documented this here and others have confirmed the issue.