I have a Coinbase API connection to Koinly. It normally works fine. After 2 months of inactivity I made some BTC and GRT trades on Coinbase Advanced trading, and synced my Koinly Wallet. After syncing the recent trades appear in Koinly in my CB wallet. But not on the Koinly dashboard - the balances do not reflect the recent trades. I've tried logging out and clearing my browser cache but the dashboard is still not registering the recent trades.
Koinly has flagged my CB wallet with a yellow exclamation bubble saying 'your calculated balance is different to what the API has reported', and the Koinly pop-up correctly lists the differences. This is kind of helpful, as it indicates Koinly's 'calculated balance' is higher and the API's 'reported balance' is lower. Buuuuut the only place Koinly could have learnt about that higher calculated balance is from... the API connection. I'm not uploading any CSV files or manual transactions. Confusing and Frustrating. Help appreciated.
Safari Version 16.2 (16614., 16614)
ps the Koinly pop-up showing the balance differences has a 'learn more' link which points to the wrong help doc:
I'm guessing the link should actually point to this: